The Czech Republic is an attractive destination in a spring or a summer. Visiting Prague or exploring the Czech mountains and countryside for hiking, climbing and biking, or attending folk and music festivals in summer can be one of your best family holidays experience in a lifetime.

Let’s have fun and be just a bit adventurous to explore the undiscovered beauty of the Czech lands and enjoy genuine atmosphere of Czech places and events that you come across on your unusual family holidays.

We have carefully selected wonderful places that are dedicated especially to families with kids and are proud of having such great reference to be so.

Please make your choice from the Czech best family places listed below.

When needed a virtual visit first, please view our Family Holidays Photogallery.

Mountain Chalet, Dolni Mala Upa (the Giant Mountains)
Family Pension, Karlovice (the Jeseniky Mountains)
Sport and Leisure Centre, Hrabetice (the Jizera Mountains)
Family Hotel, Capartice (the Bohemian Forest)
Family Pension, by Kasperk Castle (the Kasperk Mountains)
Family Pension, Frydlant nad Ostravici (the Beskydy Mountains)
Ranch, Jablonne v Podjestedi (the Luzice Mountains)
Family Pension, Adrspach (the Adrspach-Teplice Rocks)
Family Pension, Hartmanice (the Czech-Moravian Highlands)
Family Pension, Nove Hrady (the Litomysl region)

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