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Northern Bohemia

Castle Sychrov – the Scottish Games, a Music Festival devoted to A. Dvorak


The castle history dates back to the 15th century. Apart from rich interior exhibitions you can admire a beautiful English park, a water tower, an orangery, guards’ house etc. There is a number of accompanying programs during a year including exciting night sightseeing tours. One of the most amusing should be the Scottish Games scheduled every year for the third weekend of August. They start at 10 o’clock and a program carries on until midnight to be closed by a firework. For children there is a falconry show with birds of prey. Every year in June there are classical music concerts devoted to Antonin Dvorak, a famous Czech composer that stayed and composed its music at the Sychrov castle.
Hours: January-March 10:00-14:00, April 9:00-15:30, May-August 9:00-16:30, September-October 9:00-15:30, November-December 10:00-14:00
Admission: Foreign explanation - Adults 150 CZK, Children 80 CZK.Travel Plan

Jested – a TV Tower with a Panoramic Restaurant


The building of the Jested tower with a hotel and restaurant with panoramic views on the Jizera mountains, is a unique piece of architecture. It was built in the second half of the 1960s as designed by architect K. Hubacek who received the Perret’s Prize of the International Union of Architects for it. It is a good place for a family trip to visit both in a summer time as well as in winter. There are usually very good snow conditions for winter skiing.
Hours: All year around Travel Plan

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